Ready10 PR: From Startup To Award-Nominated In One Year

Ready10 is a PR agency who work to bring PR and SEO together.

MD and Founder David Fraser explains, “Our approach is to help mainly online-focused brands find their way through the confused comms landscape with great ideas, PR-SEO, content marketing and media relations.”

To celebrate their one year anniversary, we spoke David to see how he turned his idea into a successful PR agency.

David was at one of London’s biggest consumer PR agencies for over 12 years before he felt himself itching to do his own thing. That itch eventually turned into an idea which led him to set up Ready10 in 2016. In the short amount of time that it’s been running, the company has been nominated for awards and has seen itself working with top names in the industry such as Voucherbox, Free Postcode Lottery, Make Your Switch and Ubeeqo.

Their approach is to help brands, mainly online based, to understand the digital landscape. “We believe that good old-fashioned creative PR, if done in the right way, can do more for a brand’s search objectives than any other discipline,” David explains.


Building the right team

Whilst the company has seen many successes in its short amount of time, David was honest and echoed many entrepreneur’s biggest challenge when starting a new business. “As we turn a year old, we now have a brilliant, talented and settled team. But it took us time to get there. Without doubt, getting the right people into the team who will help push the business forward has been the biggest challenge.”

Ready10 has built a strong dedicated team who have seen their agency being named as An Agency to Watch in 2017 by PR Week and nominated for New Agency of the Year  at the upcoming PR Moment Awards.

“Every single person in our business is critical,” David continues. “Whereas at an 80-man agency a person is one of many, in a small company they might be 15 or 20% of the entire firm so it’s crucial to get the right people in.”

Tips for launching your own business

With such success thus far, we had to ask what advice David had for people who may be looking to turn their ideas into businesses. He came back with some pretty practical advice.

“First of all, rip the idea to pieces and come up with all the reasons why it won’t work. If you do that and you still think it’s a go-er then move forward. Secondly, ask someone who isn’t a friend or family member what they think. People close to you will either tell you what you want to hear OR be very cautious to protect you.Thirdly, just give it a go, the worst thing that will happen is that you will fail.”

Whilst the company continues to make waves in the industry, they also have specific plans for the future of Ready10. “[We want] to build a place that does great client work, activate campaigns that are famous and build an environment where people laugh, grow and achieve their potential,” he finished. “I think if you can get those things right, you are giving yourself a decent shot at success.”

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