Pitch Perfect: The Best Platforms For Creating Presentations

Whether you’re a startup founder looking for funding from investors or you’re part of a sales team trying to win new business, creating an engaging presentation is imperative to your success. We’ve all been subjected to a bad presentation before, one where you end up reading the text off the screen rather than listening to the presenter. Do you have a pitch looming? It’s time to up your game. Here’s our list of the best platforms for creating presentations. 


Prezi is revolutionary. Founded in 2008 in Budapest, Prezi offers a platform for non-linear storytelling rather than traditional slide-based presentations. It favours the use of visual and interactive content due to the fact that images are consumed faster than written words. Users can zoom, pan and scroll through Prezi canvases as they pick and choose which part of the presentation to focus on at any given time. You can sign up to Prezi for free. However, if you want to keep you presentations private you need a Prezi Enjoy or Prezi Pro subscription.

Google Slides

Although quite basic, Google Slides offers the ease of collaboration and accessibility that comes with any Google platform, making it a handy tool for whipping out a presentation glitch free. Google Slides also offers lots of ready-made templates which are a good starting place if you need some inspiration or structure to your presentation.


Spruce up your presentation with Visme. Make sure important statistics or figures doesn’t get lost in your presentation by turning data into eye-catching infographics or reports. Try the platform out for free to see how it can transform your presentation. Or to ensure it covers all your business needs, and gives you total privacy, consider investing in a plan.

Haiku Deck

Looking to inject some personality into your presentation? Haiku Deck does just that. With customisable themes and access to 40 million free Creative Common images, you will be able to add characterful visuals that will help keep your audience’s attention.


Present.me is perfect if you need to be able to share a presentation easily without being physically in front of your audience. Simply upload your presentation (PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs and Openoffice are all compatible with Present.me) and then record yourself doing the presentation via your webcam. Once you’ve finished it’s easy to share your presentation via email or social media.


Want to ensure your PowerPoint presentation is easy to view anytime and on any device? SlideShark allows you to upload a PowerPoint file and convert it to a mobile-optimised format. Then using the SlideShark app you can download and display your presentation through a projector or by broadcasting it online. Upgrade your account to a paid subscription and be able to broadcast presentations live.

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