The Food And Drinks Brands To Watch Out For In 2017

This post is from the team at Cinnamon Bridge, a food and drinks accelerator based in London. Here they share their insight into the food and drinks brands to watch out for in 2017. Cinnamon Bridge & Crowdfooding are hosting the Startup Food Fair on 30 March at Net.Works., where you can try the innovative new food and drinks brands mentioned here.

Have you ever thought about how the future of food looks? What will we be eating, drinking and snacking on in the not so distance future? There are so many exciting new and upcoming brands out there already but do you know how they are different from your can of coke or your sandwich. So if you’re bored of your £3 Tesco meal deal, why not try one of these new products in 2017!


If you can’t go through the day without snacking – gryo is a perfect solution for you. It’s healthy for both you and the planet! gryö creates health food bars made from alternative and sustainable proteins; insects and vegan-friendly hemp. All the bars are organic and gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free. Coming in three delicious and sought after flavours; Pistachio & Dark Chocolate, Apricot & Thyme and Ginger & Fig, it’s time to propel your tastebuds into the future.


Protein Kiq 

100% natural protein smoothies with no powder or chemicals. Simply pure high-protein drink which is made of ONLY natural ingredients. The high protein content in these smoothies is derived from soya milk, pumpkin seeds, shelled hemp seeds, quinoa and various fruits and vegetables.


If you had to eat only one thing for lunch for the whole week, what would it be? We recommend hummus! Not just a regular hummus – ChicP. It’s hummus from surplus vegetables (again – good for the planet!) and they come in 5 different flavours.


Jimini’s Insects snack 

Discover delicious seasoned mealworms, crickets and grasshoppers! Cooked with care in France and ready to eat. As a snack or a crisp, full of healthy and sustainable protein, JIMINI’S enables you to enjoy the goodness of edible insects! So just to summarize: they are nutritious, sustainable, eco friendly & definitely an icebreaker for your office kitchen conversation.


Are you nuts about nuts? Then this one is for you. Japanese flavoured nuts that come in a lovely packaging and three different flavours. Every flavour in the Kinomi range is subtle, refined and sophisticated, enhancing the natural nuttiness with experimental spice blends. However they are not for sharing.. You will want to eat them all by yourself.


Mani Life 

More nuts! In this case they come as a smooth butter that makes your breakfast even more delicious. It’s like a peanut butter but done better. Mani Life roasts a fresh batch every week in the London ManíFactory and they don’t add anything. It’s just really good nuts, sourced straight from Cordoba, Argentina. Argentine nuts are naturally sweeter and with a fat profile akin to olive oil, naturally better for you as well. You’ll taste the difference. We promise.


Do you like sparkling water? Do you like apple juice? How about a combination of both? Crisp flavours, natural ingredients and less sugar make them eminently sessionable so you can stay in the round and swerve the tap water! Put this under your to-drink list on an alcohol-free night out.


teatime brings you gourmet whole-bud and whole-leaf tea. Their blends are all-natural, perfume-free, chemical-free and with a trace-to-zero caffeine.

As nothing artificial has been added, no taste or aroma is lost after your 1st brew which makes them reinfusable. With teatime, there is a blend for every occasion. Whether as a post-workout detoxifier or an early morning pick-me-up, the blends are created to provide a range of benefits based on longstanding medical practices and scientific research.


Love Cocoa 

Amazing tasting organic chocolate made here in Great Britain, sourcing ingredients in a sustainable and ethical manner, using local independent British producers where possible. Love Cocoa is also donating 10% of their profits to charity. Chocolate at its best!

Fools and Queens 

Low-sugar, gluten-free (occasionally dairy-free) puddings. They are all handmade in Brixton, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Fools & Queens are like nothing available in supermarkets, you can indulge without any added guilt.


Mindful Bites 

Mindful Bites is the first snack range inspired by mindful eating. These snacks are expertly engineered to improve your everyday performance, by delivering an optimised nutritional boost for your body. Happy snacking!

If you’d like the chance to try some of these innovative treats come along to our Food Startup Fair. We are hosting some of the best food startups of 2017 @ Net.Works 6-9pm 30/03/17.

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