The Best After Work Activities In London

There’s no denying we’re all pleased February has finally arrived. January is a tough month – the days are short, the temperature incredibly low and we all felt the pinch after Christmas. But with spring on the horizon, things are starting to look up. If you’re in need of some inspiration here are some of the best after-work activities in London.

Life Drawing

Grab ahold of your inner artist and get involved with some of the life-drawing classes London has to offer. Whether it’s a full on evening course or a one off drawing class with a drink, it’s an ideal way to get creative. Whatever your ability, whatever your artistic tastes, there’s no better place to get started than in London.

The Royal Drawing School offer daytime and evening courses in drawing suitable for all levels. Along with pottery, taxidermy and painting classes, Islington Arts Factory runs weekly drop in life drawing sessions. The Art Academy in Borough also run a number of evening classes

Hot Yoga

We’re guessing there’s a pretty good chance ‘more exercise’ is somewhere on that list of New Year’s Resolutions? If so, then hot yoga might be for you. A pastime that improves your flexibility, muscle strength and general wellbeing, it’s got a lot of benefits. What’s different and perhaps most interesting with hot yoga though, is that you do all of that in intense, tropical heat.

Bikram Highbury & Islington run a number of classes. Further South, the Hot Yoga Society offer hot yoga, nutrition advice and mindfulness.

Ping Pong

When a place gets a reputation as one of the best to play ping pong in London, you know you’re on to something good. Bounce is THE place to play ping pong. There are a number Bounce venues around the city and you can book ahead or just drop in. With a number of video tutorials on their site to get you started, and food and drink available on site, it’s got all the ingredients for a great evening.


If you’re into the more niche side of getting fit, then you should get yourself down to a local Gymbox. They have Cocoon, a class that revolves around aerial hammocks and is designed purely for recovery, and Commercial Dance, a class that lets you learn dance routines from your favourite music videos whilst having a good cardio workout.

Urban Golf

Who said you have to leave the city to play a round of golf? Maybe you’re a keen golfer who wants to keep up their skill or perhaps 2017 is the year you want to try something new? Either way, Urban Golf offers lesson packages, membership and pre-paid practice bundles if you’re not quite ready to commit to a full membership just yet.

Evening Classes

Going back to education might not be what you want to do after a long day at work, but you’d be surprised at what you might find. If you’ve got an interest in something, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a class in it. Citylit offers everything from art, astronomy and languages to health, music and web design while the How To: Academy offers an extensive programme of events and courses featuring leading scientists, business theorists, Nobel Prize laureates, philosophers and authors. If you’re looking for uber flexible learning it doesn’t get much better than learning online.

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